ILEE Dual Degree Application

To apply for the ILEE Dual Degree Program, please follow the steps below:

  • Check to ensure that you are eligible
  • Download and complete the ILEE Application Portfolio and Proposed Plan of Academic Study.
    • Please title the ILEE Application Portfolio in the following format "LastNameFirstNameUIN.pdf"
    • Please title the Proposed Plan of Academic Study in the following format "LastNameFirstNameUIN.xlsx". Please note that this must include both your primary College of Engineering major courses and ILEE courses.
  • During the open application period, apply here
    • Application and Notification Timeline for ILEE
      • For Fall 2017 enrollment, applications open from March 17 through April 17, 2017. Notifications emailed by June 12, 2017.
      • For Spring 2018 enrollment, applications open from October 16 through November 16, 2017. Notifications emailed by January 12, 2018.

Please contact TEC if you have any questions.